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Introduction to the Field

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According to the Department of Labor, what is the job outlook for our occupation?
Much Faster than the average for all occupations between 2008-2018. An expected increase of 29%
78.2 years
What is the average life expectancy in the US now?
Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease
Increased Sedentary time spend is associated with what?
What percentage of the population are currently members of a health or fitness club?
More than half
According to the CDC in 2007 how many people are insufficiently active or totally inactive
In 2012 what were the 10 popular fitness trends
Education and Experienced Fitness Professionals, Strength Training, Fitness Programs for Older Adults, Exercise and Weight Loss, Children and Obesity, Personal Training, Core Training, Group Personal Training, Zumba and other Dance workouts, and Functional Fitness
34% of Adults, 17% of children aged 2-19
According to NHANES what percentage of adults\Children are obese?
According to NHANES what percentage of adults\children are overweight?
68% of Adults, 33% of children 6-11, 34% of teens 12-19
Childhood Obesity
According to the AHA what is the number one health concern for children now among US parents?
What is the scope of Practice of a Personal Trainer?
Screen and Interview potential clients to determine readiness for exercise and physical activity, Perform Fitness tests or Assessments, Help Clients set Realistic Goals, Develop exercise Regimens and Programs(ExRx), Demonstrate and Instruct specific techniques , Pro…
What are the 3 specialty certifications that ACSM offers currently?
Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer(CIFT), Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer(CET), and Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist (PAPHS)
What is the CIFT? What are the requirements?
Works with people with a disability who are healthy or have medical clearance to exercise and were referred or currently under the care of a physician or health care professional. Leads and Demonstrates safe, effect…
What is the CET? What are the requirements?
Trains individuals who were recently diagnosed with cancer and have not yet begun treatment, are receiving treatment, or have completed treatment and are apparently healthy or have the presence of known stable cardiovascular disease …
What is the PAPHS? What are the requirements?
Conducts needs assessments, plans, develops and coordinates physical activity interventions provided at local, state, and federal levels. Advises local, state, or federal health departments on physical activity-related initiatives.
Definition of a Personal Trainer
The ACSM CPT possess a minimum of a high school diploma and works with apparently health individuals and those with health challenges who are able to exercise independently to enhance quality of life.
Does the scope of practice for a CPT include meal planning or diagnosing injuries?
45 CEU's
How many CEU's must I earn every 3 years to maintain my certification?
Health\Fitness and Clinical
What Tracks does ACSM offer?
Name the programs in Health\Fitness?
CPT, GEI (Group), and HFS
Name the programs in Clinical?
Exercise Science
The competent CPT should have a strong foundation in what?
What tools should be in the CPT's tool box?
Effective Communication, Ability to Motivate, Ability to influence behavior change, Effective interviewing and Screening, Effective Use of Goals, Effective and Safe exercise design, Ability to demo, instruct, spot, and supervise exercise, Up to Date Technol…
Important Points of Communication?
Verbal and Nonverbal Skills. Visual elements along with Kinesthetic (felt). Emotional State of the individual. Are the ready to accept information and train?
Important Points of Screening, Assessment and Referrals
Health Screening Forms help determine when a referral is required. Those could be referred to dr, PT, Psych, or dietitian.
Health History Form and PAR-Q
What are the two types of forms used at minimum prior to a potential client training?
What else should a personal training ask about prior to accepting a new client?
Recent and Past history of physical Activity, History of Injuries, Social Support, and Potential Stressors\obstacles.
Synchronize the trainer\clients expectations
What another important step during the initial consultation?
What assessments might a CPT use to evaluate the current physical and functional status of a client?
Resting and Exercise Heart Rate, Resting and Exercise Blood Pressure, Body Weight and height, Body Composition, Circumference Measurements, BMI, Waist to Hip Ratio, Flexibility, Tests of Muscular Strength\Endurance and cardio fitness
What are the professional work environments for the CPT?
Commercial Fitness Centers, Community Fitness Centers, Corporate Fitness Centers, University Fitness Centers, Owner\Operator studios, fitness centers, and in home businesses, Medical Fitness Centers, Government related fitness, Activity Centers for older adults, Worksite Health programs, Cruise Ships, resorts, and Spas
LA Fitness
Examples of "For Profit" fitness?
Examples of "Not for Profit" Fitness?
YMCA, Jewish Community Centers, Hospital Based, military
What are the goals of Corporate Fitness centers?
Reduce modifiable risk factors, Improve a person's overall health status, Reduce demand for health care costs to the worksite
About 50% of worksites with more than 750 employees
What % of worksites have WHP (worksite health promotion) programs?
What are ethics?
Ethics can be described as standards of conduct that guide decisions and actions based on duties derived from core values.
What do core values do?
Define what is fair and just
Ethically Behavior
What is called when a professional demonstrates behavior that is aligned with widely accepted standards in their respective industry
Code of Ethics
CPTs must be familiar with ACSM's?
Name some Campaigns promoting physical activity?
Exercise is Medicine, American Fitness Index
When was ACSM founded?
What should be discussed during the intake process and serve later as a foundation for the development of objectives?
Its important to make all goals what?
That the CPT is listening to them.
If a goal is measureable the personal trainer demonstrates what to the client?
Achievable Objectives and Outcomes
The CPT turns goals into what?
What is the Challenge for the Personal Trainer?
Lead clients toward their long term goals through attainment of several smaller ones
What should the Personal Trainer make their client aware of?
Small Advances and achievements that might go unnoticed. As they work towards their end point
Small Charts and Graphs
What is effective in showing clients progress?
1-2 pounds per week
What are safe and effective weight loss goals?
20 weeks
How many weeks might it take to lose 20 pounds?
What should a personal trainer do involving accomplishments?
Establish a pattern of noting personal records for critical exercises. Set recording rituals and celebrate accomplishments such as losing weight past the first 10 pounds.
The personal trainer should be?
Both a good Coach and Teacher.