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Magnetic Field

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magnetic force
a the force of a magnet
Motor effect
This occurs when a current-carrying wire placed at a non-zero angle to the lines of force of an external magnetic field experiences a force due to the field perpendicular to the wire and to the lines of force.
Fleming's LHR
Thumb = force, first finger = field, second finger = current.
Flux density
The force per unit length per unit current on a current-carrying conductor at right-angles to the magnetic field lines (a.k.a. magnetic field strength).
A "force" that causes rotation because it is exerted at a distance from the axis of rotation.
Conventional current
The idea that current flows from positive to negative.
Thermionic emission
When an electrically heated filament wire near a metal anode (+ve) releases electons which the anode attracts.
A piece of technology which uses a magnetic field to accelerate charged particles through two dees producing a high energy beam; it is used in hospitals for radiation therapy.
Mass spectrometer
A piece of technology used to analyse types of atoms by firing them through a magnetic field in an opposite direction to an electric field. The specific charge of the ion may be found …