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Magnets & Currents

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north-seeking and south-seeking
two poles of a magnet
magnetic rule
like poles repel. unlike poles attract.
magnetic materials
materials that can be magnetized and are attracted to magnets
soft magnetic materials
iron, Mumetal. easy to magnetizw but magnetism is only temporary.
hard magnetic materials
steel, Alcomax. difficult to magnetize but do not easily lose their magnetism.
magnetic field
a vector force field that surrounds any magnetic material
field lines
run from the N pole of the magnet to the S pole
coil, battery, core
parts of an electromagnet
electromagnetic induction
a voltage is induced in the wire
alternating current (a.c.)
current flows backward, forward, backward,...
a.c. generators
electrical energy
a power line
electric current
charge per unit of time
Alternating Current
A flow of electric charge that reverses its direction.
Direct Current
an electric current that flows in one direction
a force upon an object that slows down motion
Any materials carried by a stream.
electric circuit
a complete closed path through which electric charges can flow
Electricity is the flow of _______.
electrical circuit
What is a closed path of flowing electrons called?
Bumper cars are an example of using motors to do work which converts _______ energy to mechanical energy.
The faster the molecules and atoms are moving (temp), the _______ the temperature.
The number of electrons moving through a wire is called- ?
the unit of measure for power is _______
A generator converts _______ energy into electrical energy.
For electricity to flow, a circuit must be _______ and it has to flow in a loop.
series circuit
a circuit in which all parts are connected in a single loop
As temperature increases, the vapor pressure of a liquid _______.
A freight car moves along a frictionless level railroad
parallel circuit
a circuit in which loads are connected side by side
Low ionization energy is characteristic of this type of element
a large number of closely spaced turns of wire that create the magnetic field when hooked up to a battery