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Forces & Motion

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unbalanced forces
forces that cause a change in the motion of an object
(physics) a rate of change of velocity
The result is a decrease in acceleration
How does an increase in mass affect acceleration?
a body of coherent matter, usually of indefinite shape and often of considerable size
Inversely means
Two values change in opposite directions
Newton's second law
Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass, the greater the mass, the more force is required to accelerate the object.
Equation for Newton's second law
a = F/m where a is acceleration, F is net force, and m is mass. Also written as F = ma
Force due to friction
Force created between 2 surfaces that contact each other and is in the the direction opposite to that of the motion of an object. It is mainly due to irregularities in the two surfaces…
What factors affect the force of friction?
The kinds of materials in contact and how much the surfaces are pressed together.
Because they flow
Why are both liquids and gases called fluids
air resistance
Fluid friction acting on an object moving through the air.
Free-body diagram
A diagram showing all the the forces acting on an object.
_______ is the measure of force exerted on a unit area of surface
How does the area of contact affect the pressure a force exerts on an object?
For a constant force, an increase in the area of contact will result in a decrease in the pressure.
pascals (Pa)
Unit of measure for pressure in newtons per square meter.
Why do all free falling objects fall with the same acceleration?
All freely falling objects fall with the same acceleration because the net force on an object is only its weight, and the ratio of weight to mass is the same for all objects.
What factors determine the air resistance force on an object?
The air resistance force an object experiences depends on the object's speed and frontal area.
Terminal Speed
The speed at which the acceleration of a falling object is zero because friction (air resistance) balances the weight.
Terminal Velocity
Greatest velocity an object can reach is called _______.
A change in speed, change in direction, or both; in a negative way, slowing down
free fall
a state in which an object is gravitationally drawn to the earth's surface and is unaffected by any forces besides weight
a contact force; type of force between two touching surfaces
_______ is the property of an object that leads it to resist any change in motion
Acceleration is _______ proportional to mass
net force
Acceleration depends on the
Newtons Second Law
A law of motion that states that acceleration is equal to force divided by mass.
As one thing goes up, it affects another in the same way; am example is, if we double net force, acceleration also doubles
a speed in a particular direction.
The amount of space an object takes up.
A force that comes from gravity pulling down on any object with mass
(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe
Vector quantity
9.8m/s per second is a
For the balanced equation shown below, what would be the limiting reagent if 13.7 grams of NO were reacted with 30.9 grams of Cl2?
constant velocity
An object that has the same average velocity for all time intervals is moving at _______
Free fall Distance
Dv (M)= 1/2 ×G(M/S2)× T (S)2
Free fall velocity
Vv (M/S and direction)= G (10M/S2)× T (S)
Free fall average velocity
(Line over first v) Vv (M/S and direction)= Vi (M/S)+ Vf (M/S) /2
Do persons A and B have the same angular velocity?
4 seconds
How long would it take an arrow shot at 40m/s upward to slow down to zero
If we double the net force the acceleration also...
balanced forces
forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction
Push or pull
Any object that accelerates is acted on by a...
Larger acceleration
Small mass=...
Smaller acceleration
Bigger mass=...
Length width height
3 stands for cubed becasue there is a
Mass is measured in
unbalanced force, accelerates
acts on the puck and the puck _______
unbalanced force
force acting on an object that causes a change
As temperature increases, the vapor pressure of a liquid _______.
what is true about force and acceleration?
A net force acting on an object causes acceleration
forces acting on each cart.
A net force acts on both carts. The net force acting on the cart that accelerates faster
An increase in the mass will result in a decrease in the acceleration
When one quantity increases, the other quantity decreases
acceleration ~ 1/mass
What shows how mass and acceleration are related?
mass, force, acceleration
What quantities are related by Newton's second law?
m/s^2, kg
When using the equation for Newton's second law, if force is measured in newtons, then the unit for acceleration is _______ and the unit for mass is _______
Is the following sentence true or false? Whenever we move through
200 N
A100-N force is used to accelerate a large push cart across the floor. What force is required to accelerate the push cart twice as fast.
halving the mass
An object accelerates when a net force is applied to it. What describes the conditions that would double the object's acceleration
The object accelerates at the same rate.
applied to it also doubles. Describe the object's acceleration
a + F/m
Describe what causes friction between two solid surfaces.
The friction is due to irregularities in the two surfaces being pressed together. Force is
(T/F) Tycho Brahe was a Danish astronomer who confirmed Copernicus's theories by making many observations with his telescope.
Where convection takes place (air, water
force, area
Quantities related to pressure
describe pressure
force per unit of area
Describe the force and pressure exerted in each case
The force exerted—your weight—is the same in both cases. The pressure exerted on
surface area?
pressure = force/area
a pascal.
newtons per square meter
They will fall at the same rate in a vacuum.