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Doppler Effect

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What is the Doppler Effect?
An increase(or decrease) in the frequency of (sound, light, other) waves as the source and observer move toward(or away) from each other
What do we use the Doppler Effect for?
To measure the relative motion of most objects we observe in the universe
Any decrease in wavelength (increase in frequency)
Red Shift
a shift in the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation to a longer wavelength. For visible light, this implies a shift toward the red end of the spectrum. The shift can be caused by a sourc…
How do we determine the rate at which a star rotates?
By timing the movements of active features on the surface, or by the spectrum of the star
It's proportional to its aperture diameter squared(2/4x)
How does the amount of light scale with area?
What are the advantages of CCD cameras over film or your eye?(3 bullets)
It detects 90% of light while film and the eye only detect 10%
Define spectrograph
An object that divides light up into different wavelengths
Refracting Telescope
A telescope that uses a converging lens to collect light
Reflecting Telescope
A telescope constructed of a larger objective mirror called a primary
Why do modern astronomers mostly use reflecting telescopes?
Because it's easy to construct a large single mirror
What are Adaptive Optics?
An object that makes a telescope's mirror bounce to counteract the turbulence in the atmosphere
What are the problems with using an Earth-based telescope?
There's no way to see the wavelengths that the atmosphere blocks from reaching Earth
What advantages are there for putting telescopes in space?
It avoids atmospheric distortion so it gets much clearer pictures