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Kinematics Terms

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(physics) a rate of change of velocity
Acceleration due to gravity
9.8 m/s/s or m/s^2 in the metric system
A change in position (delta p).
a path taken and always a positive number
Instantaneous Velocity
How fast an object is moving and direction of motion at each instant in time
branch of mechanics that explains the "what" and "how" of motion
... of a vector is always a positive quantity
non-uniform motion
change in an objects speed or acceleration
Center of a coordinate system is
Is the distance and direction away from a reference point
An object in the air that is only subject to the force of gravity and wind resistance after it leaves the ground.
Projectile Motion
2D Motion in which the object moves at a constant velocity in one direction and accelerates in another
distance a projectile travels horizontally along the ground
Scalar Quantity
a measure of magnitude
uniform motion
constant velocity with no change in direction
uniformly accelerated motion
constant increase or decrease in velocity with no change in direction
Vector quantity
9.8m/s per second is a
a speed in a particular direction.
a displacement distinguished by magnitude and direction but not by location.
at rest
not moving
frame of reference
assists one in physics in which one chooses a place (point) a measure it against changes in position.
earth-based frame of reference
we typically describe motion from the vantage point of the stationary observer on the __
Units: cm/s, m/s, mi/hr, km/s ...
constant velocity
An object that has the same average velocity for all time intervals is moving at _______
Reference Point
A _______ is a place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion.
A point toward something, determined by its orientation and sense.
Time Interval
difference between clock readings
Average Speed
Distance traveled divided by the time required to cover the distance
Average Velocity
Dividing displacement by elapsed time
the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body
the study of the structure and functions of living organisms
A branch of physics that focuses on force and how they relate to motion.
study of efficiency in working environments
formal problem
requires working towards a goal and needs actual info to answer. A process is then followed to answer question
informal problem
an open-ended problem that has a subjective opinion for the answer and there is no single right answer
formal question (has a goal, and a process can then be followed to complete goal)
what kind of question is "how high do I need to toss the ball to get in into the hoop?"
what kind of question is "What should I do tomorrow?"
informal question (open-ended, subjective opinion answer, no single right answer)
study of the mechanics of the body
concerned with measuring and studying the rates of reactions
branch of applied mathematics dealing with motion and the forces producing motion
A description done solely in words.
a discription given in numbers
linear movement
curvilinear motion
movement along a curved path
rectilinear motion
movement along a straight line or path
velocity, displacement, acceleration
name 3 vector quantities associated with this course
speed, distance
name 2 scalar quantities associated with this course
up and right
what directions indicate positive movement
down and left
what directions indicate negative movement
Path of a projectile
the highest point in the trajectory of a projectile
scalar quantities are expressed by
numbers and signs
vector quantities are expressed by
a physical quantity that has magnitude but no direction
(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe
gravity only affects _______ components of acceleration
air resistance
Fluid friction acting on an object moving through the air.
the _______ does not affect the vertical motion
what is the vertical acceleration of a projectile always equal to
what is the horizontal acceleration of a projectile always equal to
does not change
the horizontal velocity of a projectile _______
the apex
where is the vertical velocity of a projectile equal to 0
the same
if take off and landing heights of a trajectory of a projectile are the same, then the time from ground to apex should be _______ the time from apex to ground
name the factors affecting projectile motion
projection speed, projection angle, relative projection height
projection speed
which factor of projectile motion can you control
the take off and landing heights are equal
for the range release angle theory, the optimal angle is 45 degrees if....
the landing height is higher than the take off height
for the range release angle theory, the optimal angle is greater than 45 degrees if...
the landing height is lower than the take off height
for the range release angle theory, the optimal angle is less than 45 degrees if...
free fall
a state in which an object is gravitationally drawn to the earth's surface and is unaffected by any forces besides weight
Terminal Velocity
Greatest velocity an object can reach is called _______.
Is there hyperconjugative stabilization of the methyl carbocation
numbers and direction
vector quantities are expressed in _______
0 m/s
vertical velocity at the peak is
the take off and landing height are equal
if the take of and landing heights are the same...
vertical trajectory
if the projection angle is 90 degrees it is a _______
oblique trajectory
if projection angle is in between 0 and 90 degrees it is a _______
horizontal trajectory
if the projection angle is in 0 degrees it is a _______
not equal
in general projections the take off and landing heights are _______
Law of Reflection: Angle of incidence is LESS/EQUAL/GREATER than the Angle of reflection
they would both hit the ground at the same time
If gravity is the only external force present, would a bullet fired horizontally from a gun or another bullet dropped from the same height hit the ground first?
a change in velocity
dynamic motion is characterized by...
anthropometry is _______
the science of measurement of body size