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Linear Motion with Constant Acceleration

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Constant Acceleration
The acceleration of an object is proportional to force (F = ma) - thus, if there is a constant force applied onto an object, the object will accelerate at a constant rate.
Kinematics Equations
Linear motion equations that apply in ONE dimension (x-Direction or y-Direction)
Acceleration equation
a = change in v / t
Displacement Equation
𝚫x = vt
Velocity Equation
- Don't need to memorize, just understand conceptually.
When Considering Gravity
- Gravity means that there is acceleration in the direction of gravity (center of earth) = -10 m/s²
Throwing Something in Air
Object's highest pony is reached when its vertical velocity equals zero.
Free Falling Object
Object has no acceleration in x-Direction but will have an acceleration in the y direction of -10 m/s².
Projectile Motion
2D Motion in which the object moves at a constant velocity in one direction and accelerates in another