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Forces & Motion

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_______ is the property of an object that leads it to resist any change in motion
(interactions between two objects)
(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe
Potential Energy
(mass) x (g) x (height)
kinetic energy
a running dog
a contact force; type of force between two touching surfaces
a substance used to reduce friction between 2 objects
speed, direction, velocity, and position
4 ways we can describe motion
invisible force that acts between a magnet and an object with iron or steel in it.
manipulated variable
Part of an experiment that is changed
controlled variable
Part of an experiment that stays the same throughout
6 Types of natural forces
Gravity, weathering, earthquake, nuclear, magnetism, rivers, etc..
periodic motion
an oscillation that has the same time interval
circular motion
any motion in which an object is moving along a curved path
vibrational motion
rapid motion that moves back and forth
variable motion
motion that moves in many directions and speeds