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Forces & Motion

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a contact force; type of force between two touching surfaces
magnetic force
a the force of a magnet
Is the distance and direction away from a reference point
Units: cm/s, m/s, mi/hr, km/s ...
balanced force
Equal forces acting on an object in opposite directions
(interactions between two objects)
Newton's first law
An object at rest remain and an object in motion remains in motion UNLESS it experiences an unbalanced force. Also called the Law of Inertia.
What causes an object to fall?
Gravity is what causes an object to fall.
Mass (Size of an object)
What are the two things that impact the force of gravity between two objects?
What is the relationship between the mass of an object and the force it takes to change its motion?
The object with the least amount of mass accelerates the fastest. The object with the larger amount of mass accelerates slower.
Imagine that you threw a rock into outer space. What would happen?
It would keep going until something hit it or made it stop or change directions.
a comparison of distance and time; for example: 25 mph (miles per hour)
a path taken and always a positive number
(p) vector quantity describing the quantity of motion or inertia in motion. Recognizes that both mass and velocity have a part in the motion of an object and is proportional to both (is zero …
force created due to air resistance
a force acting upon an object to cause a displacement. (key words: force, displacement, and cause)