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Newtons Laws, Gravity, Forces & Tensions

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air pressure
The force of air pushing in all directions.Air pressure lowers as altitude increases.
air resistance or drag
force that opposes the movement of an object in air
balanced forces
forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction
(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe
_______ is the measure of force exerted on a unit area of surface
Terminal Velocity
Greatest velocity an object can reach is called _______.
unbalanced forces
forces that cause a change in the motion of an object
empty space; region where no matter exists
Formula for weight
w = mg
9.8 m/s/s
The constant for the gravitation pull of earth's gravity
Units for mass
Conversion for pounds to kilograms
2.2 lbs = 1 kg
frame of reference
assists one in physics in which one chooses a place (point) a measure it against changes in position.
Units: cm/s, m/s, mi/hr, km/s ...
a speed in a particular direction.
2pi x r
the distance across a circle
Inertia or Newton's 1st Law
The tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force.
Newton's 2nd Law
A force on an object causes an object to accelerate in the same direction as the force
Newtons's 1st Law
Pulling a table cloth out from under the dishes on a table is an example of which of newton's laws
No Movement
When all the forces acting on an object are in balance what will the movement of an object be?
a body of coherent matter, usually of indefinite shape and often of considerable size
A force that comes from gravity pulling down on any object with mass
Bubonic Plague
This event in history was the reason Sir Isaac Newton left university and returned to the family farm.
A point toward something, determined by its orientation and sense.
(physics) a rate of change of velocity
On a X vs. t graph, the velocity is represented by the_
Faster Velocity
The steeper slope indicates what about the velocity?
Greater Slope
The red buggy has a faster velocity than the blue buggy so the it also has a _______ slope.