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Uses of Energy

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(physics) the capacity of a physical system to do work
kinetic energy
a running dog
Potential Energy
(mass) x (g) x (height)
Mechanical Energy
the ability to cause change through force and motion
thermal energy
a hot coffee mug
electrical energy
a power line
Chemical energy
Energy stored in the chemical bonds holding the atom/molecule together. Released during chemical reactions.
Radiant energy
A form of energy that travels through space as waves. Examples: x rays, radio waves, the sun
sound energy
a clap of thunder
Mechanical to Heat
Ex. rubbing 2 pieces of wood together to start a fire!
Chemical to Mechanical
Ex. driving a gasoline powered car!
Kinetic to Sound
Ex. a book falling to the floor!
Kinetic to Heat
Ex. rubbing your hands together!
Electrical to Heat
Ex. the toaster changes its electrical energy to heat!
Heat to Chemical
Ex. the stoves heat causes a chemical reaction to turn the egg form liquid to solid!
Chemical to Light and Heat
Ex. the chemical reaction in the wick being transformed to light and heat!
Potential to Kinetic
Ex. a stretched rubber band is released!
Kinetic to Potential
Ex. i lift a heavy book and put it on a shelf!