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Torque & Center of Mass Unit

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center of mass/gravity
point where the objects weight or force of gravity acts on its center of mass
A "force" that causes rotation because it is exerted at a distance from the axis of rotation.
equation for torque
torque= force times distance
torque is perpendicular, and work is parallel
what is the difference between torque and work?
units for torque?
when will an object topple?
when its center of gravity is not supported
above the area of support
To prevent toppling, the Center of Gravity must be
Center of mass
same as center of gravity
Geographical center
Where is the center of mass of a tennis ball?
Where is the center of mass for a boomerang?
The inside of the boomerang but not actually touching it
Parabolic Path
A plane, flying horizontally, releases a bomb, which explodes before hitting the ground. Neglecting air resistance, the center of mass of the bomb fragments, just after the explosion moves along a _______
Center of mass/Center of Gravity
When thrown, an object will rotate around its
Can an object have it's center of mass where there is no mass?
Yes (think of a donut hole-it's empty but that is where the CM is)
Their CG moved away from area of support
Explain why some people fell against the wall when they tried to lift up holding the chair?
Unstable. Unstable Equilibrium
If the center of mass is lowered with the displacement of an object, then that object is
low center of mass, if force is placed on the object, the center of mass moves up
So that their CM is as low as possible
Where do objects want to be situated to be most stable?
What is the center of mass?
average position of all the particles of mass that make up the object
The geometric center (baseball)
Where is the CG on symmetrical objects?