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Center of Mass

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Center of mass
same as center of gravity
objects tend to topple when the center of mass is not in line with the support base
low center of mass, if force is placed on the object, the center of mass moves up
higher center of mass, if force is exerted on object, the center of mass moves down
When the CG is raised or lowered with displacement, it has what type of equilibrium?
Rotational inertia
objects that are rotating, want to keep rotating, objects that are not rotating, do not want to
A "force" that causes rotation because it is exerted at a distance from the axis of rotation.
lever arm
distance from the axis of rotation
lots of rotation
push at the edge of the door
some rotation
push at the center of the door
no rotation
push at the hinge of the door
little rotation
push the door softly
What is center of mass?
imaginary point on the body where all mass is balanced in all planes
posterior to the navel
Where is the body's center of mass?
Why care about center of mass?
it helps you be mechanically stable. You do not give to perturbation
Toppling Torque
when center of mass is not centered over base the toppling torque is greater
Fosbury flop
flopping over the bar to you keep your center of mass low
Torque is
a force that causes rotation
It increases the angle of force
How does the patella increase the mechanical capabilities of the quadriceps?
rotation of the segment
Rotary component of muscle force causes
joint stability
Compressive component of the muscle force causes
Joint angle affects
1)ability to produce torque
Perpendicular distance
distance between the force and the axis of rotation
greater torque
Perpendicular distance greater =