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Conservation of Energy & Angular Momentum

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law of conservation of energy
energy can neither be created nor destroyed is called the _______
Before collision, will the energy of the system be predominantly KE or PE?
During the collision?
Total Mechanical Energy: the total of all the kinetic, potential, thermal and sonic energy of a system.
A collection of components organized to accomplish a specific function or set of functions.
everything outside the system
The total mechanical energy of a system is equal to all the kinetic, potential, thermal, and sonic energy of the system.
angular momentum
analogous to momentum; if the net torque on a system is zero then the angular momentum is conserved
Components of angular momentum
the rotational inertia times the rotational speed of an object
Formula for angular momentum
Angular momentum = mass x rotational speed x radius
conservation of angular momentum
just as linear momentum is conserved, so is angular momentum
Any time it is spinning
When does an object have angular momentum?
What is true about an object with a lot of angular momentum?
Is is very hard to stop or slow down. It will coast for a long time.
a heavy spinning wheel that regulates and stores energy as angular momentum