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Values & Ethics

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Cultural Relativism
The practice of judging a culture based on its own values and norms of behavior
Equal Regard
The practice of justly respecting both self and other while also working for the good of self and other
Concerned with the interests of others more than one's own; community-minded
Selfish or self-centered
Code of Conduct
A set of principles or rules outlining the responsibilities of an individual within an organization
Moral Beliefs
How people decide what to do based on what they believe is right or wrong
A positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being
Code of Ethics
Details of how a company, or organization, plans to implement its values and vision, as well as guidance to staff on ethical standards and how to achieve them
Cultural Values
Ideals a culture or group may hold about what is right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust
Terminal Values
Desirable "end-state" values that describe in one word what one may strive for as a goal for life
Instrumental Values
Active values that assist one to achieve a terminal value or end goal of life
Bounded Set
Boundaries which delineate to what degree an individual must adhere to a value in order to belong to an in-group
Centered Set
An individual's position in relationship to an organization, cultural or in-group that has to do with one's direction towards or away from a central value(s).
A Utilitarian Approach
Decisions that which will produce the most good and do the least harm
A Rights Approach
Decisions that best respect the rights of all who have a stake
A Justice Approach
Decisions that treat people equally or proportionately
The Common Good Approach
Decisions that best serve the community as a whole, not just some members
The Virtue Approach
Decisions that lead me to act as the sort of person I want to be.
Ethical Dilemma
A complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing another
Cultural Norms
The agreed‐upon expectations and rules by which a culture guides the behavior of its members in any given situation