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Comparative Financial Systems

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Commercial Banks
Financial institutions that provide services such as accepting deposits, giving business and auto loans, mortgage lending and basic investment products
Saving and Loans Associations
Financial institutions that specialize in savings deposits and mortgage loans
Credit Unions
very small institutions which acquire funds from deposits and primarily make consumer loans
Cost of insurance which can be payed as a lump sum or through installment for the duration of the policy
Finance companies
These also help corporations raise money, but also make loans to individuals.
Loan to finance the purchase of real estate with specified payments and interest rates
the price paid for the use of borrowed money
Commercial bank
The financial institution that relies mainly on checking and savings accounts as their major source of funds is the
Mutual savings bank
State-chartered financial institutions operated by trustees for the benefit of depositors.
Savings and loan
depository financial institutions that specialize in home mortgage loans.
Credit union
A nonprofit financial institution owned by its members
Internet bank
A financial institution that operates exclusively over the internet using online banking
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
The movement of funds by electronic means
Which of the following is probably the most familiar form of electronic banking?
Personal identification number, the secret code that protects the security of your accounts, allowing you alone to access them
Point-of-sale transaction
Paying for an item by making an electronic funds transfer at the place of purchase
debit card
a card used to withdraw money
The one to whom a check is made out, can take the check to his or her bank to cash or deposit it.
Canceled check
A check that is stamped and sometimes perforated to show that its been paid
Lack of sufficient funds to cover the full amount of a check
A signature on the back of a check that entitles the payee to either receive payment or transfer it to someone else
To bring the bank statement and your own record of transactions into agreement.
Any transactions in your check register that you didn't mark off.
Certified check
A check from a personal checking account that has been stamped by the bank to guarantee that there are sufficient funds in the account to cover it
Cashiers check
A check issued and guaranteed by a bank
Money order
A purchased certificate used to pay a specified amount to a particular payee.
Travelers checks
Documents that function as cash but can be replaced if lost or stolen.
Wire transfer
A financial transaction that electronically moves funds from one bank to another
Prepaid cards
Cards sold in specific dollar amounts that can be used to purchase products or services.