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National Bank Act
Creates the system of national banks the be chartered by the Comptroller of the Currency and establishes a uniform currency.
Federal Reserve Act
Creates the Federal Reserve System and gives it the responsibility as a lender of last resort.
McFadden Act
Requires national banks to abide by state branching laws; allows national banks to have additional offices in the same city as their main office.
Glass-Steagall Act
Establishes the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; prohibits commercial banks from investment banking activities; prohibits banks from owning commercial firms and vice versa; prohibits interest payments on demand deposits.
Bank Holding Company Act
Gives the Federal Reserve authority to regulate bank holding companies and prevents bank holding companies from branching across state lines.
Community Reinvestment Act
Encourages banks to meet the credit needs of their communities; examinations of compliance with this act can be used when banks wish to expand or merge.
Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act
Allows payments of interest on transactions accounts of individuals (not businesses); phases out interest-rate ceilings on deposits; makes all depository institutions subject to reserve requirements; gives thrifts the ability to own a wider rang…
Garn-St. Germain Act
Allows strong banks to buy failing banks in other states; allows banks to offer money-market deposit accounts; allows thrifts to invest up to 10 percent of portfolios in riskier assets such as stocks and real estate.
Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act
Abolishes the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporations and gives responsibility for thrift deposit insurance to the FDIC; creates the Office of Thrift Supervision; sets up institutions to deal with failed S&Ls.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act
Creates scheme of risk-based deposit insurance premiums; requires FDIC to use least-cost method for dealing with bank failures; created new structure of capital requirements for banks, causing many to increase capital.
Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act
Phases in interstate branching and allows interstate bank mergers, unless a state prohibits them.
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
financial services modernization act
Dodd-Frank Act
Establishes Financial Stability Oversight Council to reduce risks to the financial system and Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection to keep financial institutions from taking advantage of consumers; strengthens regulations to prevent bad mortgage originations; subj…