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Role of Financial Markets & Institutions

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Financial Markets
Markets in which funds are transferred from people with a surplus (savers) to people who have a shortage (borrowers)
Financial institutions
A financial institution is an organization that provides financial products and services to consumers.. They act as intermediaries by facilitating the interaction of borrowers and savers in financial markets.
Financial institutions provide
products like checking and other accounts that help consumers manage money. services and advice to help consumers meet their financial goals. a safe place for individuals to hold money, and they …
examples of financial institutions
Banks, credit unions, and insurance companies
offering interest rates on savings.
Financial institutions attract funds from savers by
Financial institutions use depositors' savings to earn income by
lending to borrowers or investing in other financial products.
make loans to borrowers.
Financial institutions are able to pool the savings of many individuals in order to
Banks create money by
Government protects consumers in financial markets through regulation and enforcement by
agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve System.