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Chinese Civil War

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Odd Arne Westad
The Chinese Civil War was one of the key conflicts of the twentieth century. The Communist victory determined Chinese history for several generations
James E. Sheridan
The disunity and disorder they fostered provided rich opportunity for intellectual diversity and iconoclasm to flourish. The founding of the Communist Party in 1921 and the reorganisation of the Guomindang in 1924 stemmed partly from this intellectual flowering.
J.A.G. Roberts
The Communists profited from the Nationalists' mistakes and presented themselves as a moderate, efficient and patriotic alternative to Nationalist rule
Marc Blecher
By showing its characteristic flexibility on class relations, the CCP adopted a much more moderate line in newly-liberated areas. It sought to support the middle classes, capitalising on their disillusionment with the Guomindang. [...] Meanwh…
Grasso, Corrin & Kort
Jiang's strategy of trading space for time, while physically saving his government in the short term, created dangerous problems in the long term