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Slavery & Abolition

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2nd Great Awakening
religious revival movement, many new sects and ideas (Adventism, Mormonism, etc), age of reforms
About god(s) or people's beliefs about god(s).
What type of reforms are these an example of? Temperance, Prostitution, cursing, gambling, and breaking the sabbath
What type of reforms are these an example of? the asylum movement and prison reforms, public education
asylum movement
This describes the _______ mentally III (charge tickets for people to come in and see the insane people), deaf and blind (started schools for deaf and blind because they realized they didn't belong in _______)
What type of reforms are these an example of? spiritualism, communitarianism, sylvester graham and grahams, women's rights
right to vote
women dominated reform movements but _______ led them
who leads the way in the world wide abolition movement?
_______ movement: keep the west as free states
The freeing of slaves.
abolitionist _______ was- violated right of liberty, puts master in role of G-d, against the bible, encouraged sexual immorality in the family, Denied south opportunites for progress in agriculture and industrial
William Lloyd Garrison
published articles saying slavery is bad, from North
Grimke sisters
from S Carolina, knew what it was like because their father owned slaves
Frederick Douglas
escaped slave, writes article, spreads word against slavery
Harriet Beecher Stowe
author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Southern churches _______ slavery
free soilism
Southerners link abolition with _______
Chief export of the South
agriculture and slavery dominated _______ economy
slave codes
Laws that controlled the lives of enslaved african americans and denied them basic rights
rice; cotton
aka task system vs gang system
passive resistance
These are examples of what? songs of hope and empowerment, storytelling, goldbricking (slacking), breaking tools, deliberately misunderstanding, escape, drapetomania, running away, Underground RR
These are examples of what? individual (slaves hitting the owner back) and group revolts
Haitian Revolution
only successful slave revolt ever, Slaves overthrew French colony in Caribbean and established gov't of their own
Armistad seizure
Slaves on Spanish ship rebel near Cuba. Ship seized off NY by US Navy. Slaves tried for murder. Spanish say they want their ship and slave back so it goes to Supreme Court. Slaves f…
NW Ordinance
addressed western land claims of states, says not to mess with Indians
Fugitive Slave Act
Escaped slaves must be returned to masters (part of Compromise of 1850)
Tallmadge Amendment
Missouri will be free territory, but Missouri throws that out and Missouri becomes a state, a slave state though
Gag rule
where Congress ignores things until it goes away
_______ Party- in response to Garrisonism, free slave AND womens rights
_______ party- free soil, free labor, free men
When a person or a country is able to choose its own leader.
Wilmot Proviso
1846- all the land captured from Mexico will be free, southern states vote it down
Popular Sovereignty
Let the people decide on whether slavery should be allowed in territories through voting.
One term of Compromise of 1850- popular sovereignty for _______ and _______
One term of Compromise of 1850- _______ free state
One term of Compromise of 1850- __(slave) gives up its Western and Northern lands and gov't will pay off it's debts
One term of Compromise of 1850- Slaves sales but not slavery itself banned in __
Fugitive Slave Law
One term of Compromise of 1850- _______ which states property is property no matter where it goes, from now on all gov't officials have to assist in rounding up escaped slaves
Bleeding Kansas
(1856) a series of violent fights between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces in Kansas who had moved to Kansas to try to influence the decision of whether or not Kansas would a slave state or a free state.
Sumner/Brooks caning
_______ giving abolitionist speech in capital building, _______ hears about this and begins to cane _______
Dred Scott v Sanford
Originally Missoui case, went to Supreme Court because crossed state lines,_______ says he was taken to free territory therefore he is free, Chief Justice says no jurisdiction because slaves are not citizens, But if …
Lincoln Douglas debate
Freeport doctrine- both running for senate, _______ says slavery needs laws- Freeport Doctrine says in the absence of laws slavery can not exist
John Brown and Harper's Ferry
_______aka Old Osawotomie who hates slavery because God told him directly, wants to train army and go to _______ and take over national armery and get muskets and slaves don't show up…