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Racial & Ethnic Prejudice & Discrimination

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Deficiency Theories
suggest that there is something lacking or absent, so they or the group is unfair or unequal; culture focuses more on the group
created biological evolution
Biological Evolution
certain creatures better adapt to the natural environment
Herbert Spencer
adapted Darwin's theory to human groups; Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the Fittest
whoever most adapted would be the most successful; some groups are more gifted
Cultural Deficiency Theory
focuses on cultural traits, certain groups that disadvantage them or advantage them
The Cultural Legacy of Slavery
most traumatic slave syndrome; hard work means I won't be in pain/hit
Created The Triple Package
Amy Chua & Jed Rubenfield
The Triple Package
traits: superiority complex, inferiority, impulse control
Deter Gratification
to put off gratification
Superiority Complex
the group you belong to you believe is better
individualistic; you feel that you aren't meeting the expectations
Impulse Control
able to defer gratification
Bias theory
Involves people to stereotype, be prejudice, discriminate, and subordinate
an image that reinforces; discriminate and prejudice
Racism implies prejudice. Is based on negative feelings and stereotypes rather than reason.
Behavior targeted at individuals or groups and intended to hold them apart and treat them differently.
in a below status/inequality
we value equality for all and treat everyone equally;
Business Owner
(self-interest); want to be successful as a business man
Social Norms; Informal Controls
we know not to act on them, so we are nice but we hold prejudices; no discrimination, prejudice
things we say or do without the intention to harm that marginalizes people
feeling like an outsider