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Roman Empire

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Rome's greatest public speaker; he argued against dictators and called for a representative government with limited powers
Julius Caesar
..., Roman general and dictator. He was murdered by a group of senators and his former friend Brutus who hoped to restore the normal running of the republic.
Roman general and statesman who quarrelled with Caesar and fled to Egypt where he was murdered
An ancient Roman politician who helped assassinate his friend Julius Caesar.
Marc Antony
One of Caesar's generals, Falls in love with Cleopatra, He and Cleopatra declare war on Rome in 31 BC which they lose, member of second triumvirate.
(63 BCE - 14 CE) First emperor of Rome (27 BCE - 14 CE) He restored order and prosperity to the Empire after nearly a century of turmoil. Grandnephew to Julius Caesar.
A queen of Egypt in the first century B.C., famous for her beauty, charm, and luxurious living. She lived for some time in Rome with Julius Caesar. For several years after Caesar was assassinated,…
Emperor who "Romanized" the empire- built bridges, roads, and aqueducts, ruled during the height of the Pax Romana, Built Hadrian's Wall across Britain, strengthened borders.
areas outside of Italy that the Romans controlled
Pax Romana
("Roman Peace") long era of peace and safety in the Roman Empire
country homes belonging to rich Romans
A Greek doctor who shared his knowledge of anatomy with the Romans.
A human-made channel for carrying water long distances.
An arched structure used to hold up a ceiling or roof
Classical Roman poet, author of Aenied
Wrote poems about Roman mythology.
a style of writing that pokes fun at people or society
Romance languages
Any of the languages derived from Latin including Italian, Spanish, French, and Romanian.
Civil law
a legal system based on a written code of laws
natural rights
life, liberty, and right to own property
Italian, French and Spanish
What language is developed from Latin?
Roman architecture is known for its use of...?
What civilization greatly influenced Rome's art?
Trans is a Latin prefix meaning...?
They used ancient Roman techniques to create very lifelike sculptures
How were American artists, that create sculptures, Influenced by ancient Roman artistic techniques?
How did the Roman language, Latin, influence the English language?
English language uses words that have Latin roots and prefixes.
Roman aqueducts are a legacy of...?
A stoic
What type of person may have spoken these words in medieval Europe? "I believe we all have a spark of godly intelligence, that we must live in agreement with nature, and that we must develop good character."
A dome
What Roman architecture legacy would you find it in a US Capitol building?
All these are examples of economic problems.
People paying heavy taxes, many people lived in problem poverty, trade declined were all problems of the Roman empire. What type of problems were these?
Together or with.
What is the meaning of the Roman prefix co-?
What is the meaning of the Roman prefix semi?
What is the meaning of the Roman prefix manus ?
citizen, community
What is the meaning of the Roman prefix civis?
What is the meaning of the Roman prefix Post?
Octavian Augustus Caesar
Who was the first Emperor of the Roman empire?
Mark Anthony and Octavian Augustus Caesar
Which two leaders were involved in the third Civil War?
Durable Roman peace
What does Pax Ramona mean?
What was the significance of the battle of Actium West
There was three important reasons that the battle of Actium was important: One, it was the end of the Roman Republic, two, Octavian Augustus became the master of the Greco-Roman world, (Emperor) three, the R…
Which Roman Emperor conquered Britain?
The Christians
Who was blamed for the great fires of Rome in A.D. 64?
Mount Vesuvius
Name the volcano that erupted in A.D. 79, burying the town of Pompeii and Herculanean?
It was decorated with gold.
Why was Nero's palace called "golden house"?
Define "Barrack emperors"
Barrack emperors refer to a series of soldier emperors who are appointed by soldiers and then overthrown by provincial armies.
Septimus Severus.
Who made the Army the basis of the Emperor's power?
What was the tetrarchy?
The partitioning of the Roman government by Diocletian that was ruled by four people.
What was the edict of prices?
Diocletian issued an ethic of prices that fix the maximum prices of on all goods and transportation costs, as well as the maximum wages for all workers throughout the empire.
What did Septemus Severus say to his two sons on his deathbed?
Be on good terms with one another, be generous to the soldiers and don't care about anything else.
Where did Christianity originate?
The Roman province of Judaea.
A religion that worships many gods.
What is meant by a polytheistic religion?
What was the Roman states religion called?
What is the edict of Sophia?
The law that made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire.
Who was the first Christian emperor of the Roman world?
The edict of Sophia
Name the edit that legalized Christianity throughout the Roman empire.
The Battle of Milvian Bridge
At which battle did Constantine the Great see the XP sign in the sky?
The battle of Andrianople.
In which battle did Valens fight the Visigoths?
The Huns invasion of Gaul.
Which barbarian movement started the massive dramatic invasion across the Roman frontiers?
who was Attila?
Leader of the Huns
Romulus Augustus
Who was the last Empiror of the western Roman Empire
The Byzantine Empire.
What name was the eastern empire of Rome known after the fall of the western roman empire?
Vandals, Burgundians, Goth, Ostrogoths, and Visigoths.
Name the Germanic tribes that lived beyond the northern borders of the Roman empire and eventually invaded the Empire.
Atendance to the Roman Coliseum.
How do student of Roman history know that the average Roman citizen valued entertainment over human life?
What was one on going threat to poor Romans living in the city?
Destroy your playthings.
If you were a 15 year old boy, living Rome, and you father determaned that it was time you became a man, what would be one of the first thing you would be requird to do?
Why was the Roman Empire split in to 2 sections?
The Roman Empire had become to large to govern well.
If you were a Roman Christian, who would have been the worst Empiror to live under?
Calugula, Nero, Hadrain, Constintine.
Number the emperor in Chronological order: Constintine, Nero, Hadrian, Caligula.
True or False: Nero was assassinated
US troops remain in South Korea today.
Sin is pass to the child by their early father.
Based on the christian religion, the mother of Jesus must have been a virgin because...?
The Roman empire considered Christian leaders of the first few centuries to be...?
Sparticus is best know to Roman history as...?
the leader of the largest slave revolt in its history.
1.the crucifixion of Jesus, 2.the apologists defend the church, 3.Christians meet in caves, 4.Christianity is legalized.
Number the following events in Chronoloical order: Christianity is legalized, the apologists defend the church, the crucifixion of Jesus, Christians meet in caves.
using dishes that contained lead.
Some Roman ruler may have become insane by...?
What was the biggest threat to travelers on the roads in the western empire during its decline?
They did not have an army.
Why did the Byzantine empire (Roman Empire east) fail to come to the aid of the western empire?
1.Emperor Theodosius dies, 2.Alaric I captures Rome, 3.Odoacer proclaims hinself king of Italy, 4.The western Empire falls.
Number the following events in chronoloical order: The western Empire falls, Alaric I captures Rome, Odoacer proclaims hinself king of Italy, Emperor Theodosius dies.