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Flavian Dynasty & "Good Emperors"

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Year of Four Emperors
Army commanders fought over the throne after Nero's death.
He came out on top and established the Flavian Dynasty.
Jewish Revolt
Jewish rebels seized Jerusalem and other strongholds.
Civil War
Confederacy (the Southern states) vs. Union (the Northern states), 1861-1864
Pillaged (robbed) or looted (stole).
Good emperors
While an emperor was still alive, he picked the best person to be the next emperor, which produced a series of excellent emperors.
96-98. Chosen by the Senate.
98-117. Conquered Dacia (Romania) and Mesopotamia, expanding the empire to its greatest extent. Mesopotamia was abandoned shortly after his death.
Emperor who "Romanized" the empire- built bridges, roads, and aqueducts, ruled during the height of the Pax Romana, Built Hadrian's Wall across Britain, strengthened borders.
Bar Kochba revolt
In 132, there was an unsuccessful revolt by the Jews. The Romans did mass executions of Jews and enslaved many of them. Jews were forbidden to live near Jerusalem and the mostly Jewish provinc…
the scattering of a people across a large area.
Antoninus Pius
138-161. Twenty-three years of peace and prosperity.
Marcus Aurelius
161-180. Stoic philosopher. Wrote Meditations, a collection of his thoughts.