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Bleeding Kansas

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Missouri Compromise
1850- Slavery could not extend to states above the 36, 30 line.
Compromise of 1850
Before the War, Gave North and South part of what they wanted. (1) California admitted as free state, (3) resolution of Texas-New Mexico boundaries, (5) slave trade abolished in DC, and (6) new fugitive s…
Kansas-Nebraska Act
1854 - Created Nebraska and Kansas as states and gave the people in those territories the right to chose to be a free or slave state through popular sovereignty.
Popular Sovereignty
Let the people decide on whether slavery should be allowed in territories through voting.
Stephen Douglas
Senator from Illinois, author of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Freeport Doctrine, argues in favor of popular sovereignty
triangular trade
after royal african company's monopoly of the slave trade expired, new england merchants followed a triangular (3 part) trade route; a ship with rum left boston and went to west africa, it then woul…
John Brown
Abolitionist who was hanged after leading an unsuccessful raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia.
A person who wanted to end slavery
What are people who fought to end slavery called?
a person living in Kansas who was AGAINST slavery
a person from Missouri who used violence to encourage people to vote to make KS a slave state
border ruffian
a person from Missouri who crossed the border to VOTE illegally to make KS a slave state
Fugitive Slave Act
Escaped slaves must be returned to masters (part of Compromise of 1850)
David Atchison
a pro-slavery senator from Missouri who encouraged people to support slavery in KS
James Lane
one of the first senators from KS, led an "army" during bleeding KS fighting against slavery
Clarina Nichols
a woman involved in abolition and including women's rights in the KS constitution; got child custody, property rights for women, and voice in education rights included
Charles Sumner
A leader of the Radical republicans along with Thaddeus Stevens. He was from Massachusetts and was in the senate. His two main goals were breaking the power of wealthy planters and ensuring that freedmen could vote
Issac Goodnow
one of the first leaders of Manhattan, KS - created Bluemont college the first college in KS, which later became K-State
someone who thought the US should get LARGER
indentured servant
they were under contract with a master or landowner who paid for their passage, young people from the British Isles agreed to work for a specified period in return for room and board. They …
a person who chooses to die for a cause he or she believes in
To cancel a law. The Stamp Act
A military tactic in which a place is surrounded and cut off from supplies in order to make them surrender.
Betrayal or disloyalty to one's country
Chief export of the South
Dred Scott
He was a slave who was taken to free territory. Scott sued for his freedom and the Supreme Court declared that slaves are property, not people.
Emigrant Aid Society
groups that helped fund large amounts of people from New England states to move to Kansas to vote AGAINST slavery
Wakarusa War
another name for Bleeding Kansas, battles between abolitionists from KS and pro-slavery people from Missouri
town that was burned by Quantril's raiders
Beecher Bible and Rifle Church
organization located just east of Manhattan that brought guns hidden under bibles to KS, used to support abolitionists
Pottawatomie Massacre
John Brown let a part of six in Kansas that killed 5 pro-slavery men. This helped make the Kansas border war a national issue.
Bogus Legislature
nickname of the first congress elected in KS because people thought it was fake (people from Missouri voted for pro-slavery people)
constitution that was PRO-SLAVERY, did not pass
the constutition that PASSED and we still use today in KS, banned slavery
constitution that gave rights to ALL males, regardless of color - did not pass
when was the kingdom of Italy formed?
Harper's Ferry
John Brown and his followers staged a raid on a federal arsenal in Virginia. He wanted to arm slaves to overthrow the whites and create a free black state. They were then captured and hanged for treason.
William Quantrell
leader of the Missouri force that burned Lawrence
Samuel Jones
sheriff of Douglas Country (Lawrence) who was 2nd in Command for Quantrell
Key Term for the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States saved the Union during the Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865)
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
1858 Senate Debate, Lincoln forced Douglas to debate issue of slavery, Douglas supported pop-sovereignty, Lincoln asserted that slavery should not spread to territories, Lincoln emerged as strong Republican candidate
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Popular book by Harriet Beecher Stowe focusing on the negatives of slavery.
Frederick Douglas
escaped slave, writes article, spreads word against slavery
State's Rights
one of the causes of the Civil War, the South favored this over Federal rights
Harriet Beecher Stowe
author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
first European to KS, was searching for the legendary Seven Cities of Gold
the tribe Coronado met; named the place "Quivira"
Lewis and Clark
Sent on an expedition by Jefferson to gather information on the United States' new land and map a route to the Pacific. They kept very careful maps and records of this new land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase.
morpheme meaning "together or with"
a place where two or more rivers or streams meet
morpheme meaning "across"
to cross an entire portion of a large landmass; to reach from coast to coast
first American explorer to explore Kansas on foot; was captured by Spanish authorities after becoming lost
American explorer who published an atlas of the midwest, labeling Kansas and nearby areas "The Great American Desert"
the first people to a new area
trade with Natives
the reason why the French explored Kansas
gold & silver
the reason why the Spanish explored Kansas
trails & to move west
the reason why Americans first came to Kansas
to absorb into a culture
Indian Removal Act
Under Andrew Jackson's presidency; (1830) a congressional act that authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River
reservation system
process by which the US government saved land in Kansas and Oklahoma for Native American tribes to be relocated
morpheme meaning "again"
person who leaves a country
A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country
morpheme meaning "to travel"
morpheme meaning "into or not"
Someone who goes out to spread a religious message
morpheme meaning "one who believes in"
morpheme meaning "to see or look"
an investor who risks gain or loss; buys a lot of something in the hopes that it will increase in value
Andrew Reeder
1st territorial governor of Kansas
Caesar created this to count the people in the empire.
morpheme meaning "people"
morpheme meaning "writing or printing"
morpheme meaning "before"
Charles Robinson
abolitionist who was jailed in Lecompton & had his house burned by bushwhackers; became the first Governor of the STATE of KS
For slavery
Against slavery
Did not want slavery to expand to new territories
The Japanese surrender documents were signed on board of this U.S. ship.
Atchison, Leavenworth
Two towns that were proslavery
Dred Scott Decision
A Missouri slave sued for his freedom, claiming that his four year stay in the northern portion of the Louisiana Territory made free land by the Missouri Compromise had made him a free man.…
New England Emigrant Aid Society
Organization who assisted people who wanted to move to KS
Did slavery excised in Kansas territory?
Yes there was One or two slaves
1854- 1861
Years of bleeding Kansas
Walarusa War
Free staters were killed, pro-slaverS arrested free Stater, A sheriff was shot, For a week Lawrence was held under siege By pro-slavery, there was no major attack
Radar stations
Sheriff Jones
Sheriff of Douglas county got shot by a free stater while trying to arrest a free stater
Marias Des Cynges Massacre
11 free-staters were kidnapped by a group of pro-slavery men from Missouri, 5 men were killed, 5 men were wounded, Last majorly violent event of bleeding kansas
Border Ruffians
Pro-slavery farmers from Missouri that would settle in the border of Kansas. Henry Ward Beecher and other abolitionists would set up home in Kansas to combat these pro-slavery advocates.
Missourians who came to KS To raid antislavery settlements
Kansan's Who Made raids on Missouri
It was away from Missouri, He was a investor in Pawnee
Why Reeder chose Pawnee as the first seat of the territorial legislature
Topeka Constitution
Made it illegal for blacks to live in Kansas, Made slavery illegal, White men and civilized Indian men Could vote, Was not accepted by U.S. Congress
Lecompton Constitution
Drafted by pro-slavery government that stated that if citizens voted for no slavery, the rights of slaveholders in the territory would be protected. Buchanan supported this, while Douglas and others in the Senate opposed…
Leavenworth Constitution
Written by free-staters in Leavenworth, would not allow slavery, allowed all men to vote, including blacks and Indians, failed in U.S. Congress
Wyandotte Constitution
Would make KS a free state, restricted voting rights to white men, the constitution was debated in KS, It passed because southern states started to succeed from the union, giving the north the advantage in Congress
Sumner-Brooks Affair
1856 - Charles Sumner gave a two day speech on the Senate floor. He denounced the South for crimes against Kansas and singled out Senator Andrew Brooks of South Carolina for extra abuse. Brooks …
Pony Express
A Mail carrying service; ran from 1860-1861, it was established to carry mail speedily along the 2000 miles from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California; they could make the trek in 10 days.