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Southern Secession

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The Democratic Party and the Whig Party
What were the two major political parties during the 1850's?
Republican Party
Due to the emancipation Proclamation and Reconstruction amendments, African Americans were loyal to
They were anti-slavery
How did the Republican Party feel about slavery?
Who joined the Republican Party?
Northerners joined, most of the Whigs joined and the Whig Party started to die out
Which political party split and nominated two different candidates?
The Democrats- they split into the Northern Democrats and the Southern Democrats
Stephen Douglas
Senator from Illinois, author of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Freeport Doctrine, argues in favor of popular sovereignty
John Breckenridge
Who was nominated to represent the Southern Democrats?
John Bell
He was a moderate and wanted the union to stay together. After Southern states seceded from the Union, he urged the middle states to join the North.
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States saved the Union during the Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865)
What was the Republican Platform?
supported protective tariffs-to Protect Northern Goods
180 electoral votes
How many electoral votes did Lincoln receive from the South?
How did Alexander Stephens feel about secession?
Alexander Stephens was strongly against secession and argued it at the convention.
South Carolina
First state to leave the Union in 1860.
What number was Georgia's secession?
Georgia was the 5th state to secede
The Confederate States of America
What was the name that the Southern States gave to their new nation?
Jefferson Davis
Confederate President
Alexander Stephens
Who was elected Vice President of the Confederate States of America?
Robert Toombs
Who was elected Secretary of State of the Confederate States of America?