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Final Election of 1860 & Secession

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How many candidates that ran for president in 1860
John Breckenridge
Who was nominated to represent the Southern Democrats?
Stephen Douglas
Senator from Illinois, author of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Freeport Doctrine, argues in favor of popular sovereignty
John Bell
He was a moderate and wanted the union to stay together. After Southern states seceded from the Union, he urged the middle states to join the North.
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States saved the Union during the Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865)
Slave uprisings
What the southern Democrats spread rumors about, in order to stop Lincoln from sining the presidential election.
The average approval percentage for secession in state conventions following Lincoln's election
State sovereignty preceded national sovereignty
The first of two arguments on which the south based its secession
the people had a right to revolt against the government
The 2nd of two arguments on which the south based its secession
Why the South seceded
Because they believed Lincoln would end slavery, thus ending the south's way of life
How President Buchanan responded to secession
It's unconstitutional, but can't be stopped.
What Lincoln said about the right to revolt
Revolution is only a moral right when exercised for a morally justifiable cause.
The Confederate States of America
What was the name that the Southern States gave to their new nation?
Jefferson Davis
Confederate President
Montgomery, Alabama
The first capital of the Confederacy
3 compromises proposed but the House of Representative to prevent secession
New Mexico- slave state; Resolution for Fugitive Slave Laws and repeal of personal liberty laws; 13th amendment (against future interference of slavery)