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Great Depression & New Deal

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Works Progress Administration (WPA)
Hires jobless people to build public buildings and parks.
New Deal
A government program that created large amounts of jobs aimed at ending the Great Depression.
Pros of Roosevelt's New Deal
government has a duty to help all citizens.
Con of Roosevelt's New Deal
- Government should not interfere in business or in people's private lives.
Roosevelt during the Depression and WWII. He instituted the New Deal. He was the only president in U.S. history to be elected to four terms
Agricultural Adjustment Administration: attempted to regulate agricultural production through farm subsidies; ruled unconstitutional in 1936; disbanded after World War II
(Tennessee Valley Authority Act) Relief, Recover, and Reform. one of the most important acts that built a hyro-electric dam for a needed area.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
imployed millions of young men to plant trees and improve the environment during the Great Depression
Social Security
Any government system that provides monetary assistance to people with an adequate or no income
The three R's (Relief, Recovery, Reform)
Relief, Recovery, and Reform; FRD tried to address the Great Depression
Causes of the Great Depression
factories and farms produce more Goods than people can buy.
many banks fail.
Effects of the Great Depression
buying on margin
practice that allows people to buy stock with a down payment of a portion of the value
National Recovery Administration [NRA]
government agency set up during the Great Depression to enforce new codes designed to stabilize industry
Dust Storm
region in the central Great Plains that was hit by a severe drought
deficit spending
1. spending more money than it collects in taxes (this results in government debt)
Social Security Act
1. gives money to retirees, the unemployed, people with disabilities, and families with dependent children
Laissez Faire Policy
Hands off. No government intervention in business. Free market/free trade
Hoover during the Great Depression
believed in volunteer efforts by business and little government intervention, neither helped the Depression.
FDR during the depression
created the new deal and systems that helped boost the economy and expand the government.
changes in government during the Great Depression and New Deal era
Federal government was greatly expanded during the Depression, making great efforts to help the local governments and its citizens throughout the new deals, social security, fdic, etc.
How depression ended
WW2 started-European countries needed jeeps and other goods and economy increased and men went to war after Pearl Harbor which created jobs.
Conservative Thoughts during the 1930's
Provide tax relief, loans, and encouragement ot businesses. Discourage federal aid to the poor. Instead, encourage private charities and local and state governments to organize and provide poverty relief. Balance the budget to maintain finan…
Liberal thoughts during the 1930's
Increase taxes on the income of the wealthy.
Emergency Banking Relief Act
Within one month, the government would make 100 banks go back in business
by using fireside chats
How did Roosevelt gain support?
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Limited fraud in the stock market
Gave insurance to banks
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
How did FDR try to eliminate debts?
Buying up home loans and loaning money to farmers to pay their mortgages
Fix unemployment and poverty
Bring back faith in the banks and economy
Fix the problems that caused the Great Depression
Bank Holidays
Closing banks to stop people from taking money out
Bank runs
People were running to banks to take their money out before the bank collapsed
1 out of 4
How many people were out of jobs?
Government should be involves in the economy
Teddy Roosevelt Supporters
business and government should work together to end the Depression
Woodrow Wilson Supporters
Believed in Laissez Faire, but wanted government to break up trusts and monopolies
What was important about FDR's 1st 100 days in office?
15 new laws were made to fix many problems, every president since has been compared to him
Gave Americans security
What were the 2nd 100 days?
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Paid farmers to not produce so much food, that way the prices would rise
National Industrial Recovery Act
set hours, wages, and prices for workers
What is Keynsain Economics?
spend more to fix the economy
Federal Emergency Relief Association (FERA)
Gave money to states and towns to help with the Great Depression
Public Works Administration (PWA)
Helped construction workers get jobs doing public projects (highways, bridges, sewers)
Civil Works Administration (CWA)
Men and women paid by federal government to do public projects
Father Coughlin
Demorat who didn't approve of the New Deal and used the radio to gain support for FDR
American Liberty League
formed by conservative business leaders to oppose the new deal programs
To provide insurance to the banks
What is the purpose of the FDIC?
What was the SEC
Regulate the stock market
Criticisms of the New Deal
left wing: Not enough government involvement, taxes should be places on the wealthy, government should control the banks
Who was Huey Long?
decided that no person can have more than a few million dollars and that you have to give the rest of your money to the government
The National Recovery Act
gave government power to place regulations on state businesses and declared unconstitutional because that was the job of congress, not the president
The Court Packing Plan
Roosevelt's new bill stated that 1. He gets to appoint a new judge of his choosing for every judge that had reached the age of 70 and didn't retire 2. The bill would allow…
The Roosevelt Recession
FDR's court plan was not approved by congress and he lost popularity, the supreme court did lighten up on the New Deal plan
Unemployment goes back up when Roosevelt cuts PWA and WPA and slows gout spending
Efforts of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
fought for social reform for women and African Americans
Was the New Deal a good deal?
Yes, because the national debt went down, the federal government became more powerful in the lives of people and businesses, people viewed the government as their protector in times of trouble
For the first time,
the government played a role in helping the citizens
People began to..
expect the government to be there to help them instead of laissez Faire.
The New Deal did not..
end the Great Depression, but changes the role and size of the federal government (government runs the whole country, not just state)
The Dust Bowl
Great Plains struck by a massive draught, top soil blown away and wheat became unable to grow, unable to farm, many head west to work elsewhere