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Great Depression: 1930s Bust

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Max Schmeling
The German boxer who defeated an American boxer in 1936; Hitler called him an Aryan superman. He lost the rematch in 1938. He later hid Jews during Kristallnacht despite his portayal in the media as the "perfect Nazi."
Joe Louis
The African-American boxer who lost to a German boxer in 1936 but beat him in a rematch in 1938.
An arrangement to receive cash, goods, or services now and pay for them in the future.
stock market
A system for buying and selling shares of companies
They were barely regulated in the 1920s.
Bank runs
People were running to banks to take their money out before the bank collapsed
Hoover Dam
A massive dam built in Black Canyon on the Colorado River.
Frank Crowe
He engineered the massive dam on the Colorado River in Black Canyon.
carbon monoxide
Miners working on a massive dam on the Colorado River were poisoned by...
Mount Rushmore
A massive monument to four American presidents built during the Great Depression.
Invented by the Romans, used to dam the Colorado River.
Las Vegas
This city grew when workers on a massive dam went there for recreation.
Dust Bowl
a severe drought that struck the region. Heavy windstorms descended, transporting the dust in dense black clouds. These "black blizzards" were so dark that livestock were sometimes fooled into thinking that night had fallen.…
Brown Pneumonia
A sometimes deadly disease caused by inhaling too must dust.
A popular way to get news and entertainment in the 1930s.
Theodore Roosevelt
who ran against the election as a 3rd part candidate?
The Civil War era president on a certain very large monument built in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
President _______ sent _______ to calm the insurrection -failed- Had 1300 troops to end the _______. When _______ arrived the rebellion had _______.