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4th May 1789
When did the estates general meet?
How many deputies came from the first two estates?
How many deputies came from the third estate?
How many 'untermensch' were forcibly sterilised by the Germans?
How many bankers/merchants were there?
Sieyès and Mirabeau
Which nobles represented the third estate?
What percentage of nobles wanted change?
Out of 291 clerical deputies what approximate figure wanted change?
Financial equality
What did the third estate desire?
17th June 1789
What day did the third estate proclaim themselves as the National Assembly?
19th June 1789
What day did the clergy vote to join the National Assembly?
20th June 1789
What day did the tennis court oath take place?
No taxation without consent,
What reforms did Louis make on the 23rd June 1789
On 4th July how many soldiers were stationed in Paris?