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Meeting of the Estates-General May 5Th 1789

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Composition of the Estates-General
308 clergy, 285 nobles, 621 third estate (arranged/increased by Louis XVI with advice of Necker)
Decision of Voting Procedure
They wanted to double the number of representatives for the third estate, and wanted to change the voting procedure to one vote per head. Louis XVI allowed increase in representatives, but went with old vo…
National Assembly June 12, 1987
Considered beginning of French Revolution. 3rd Estate assumes political power by calling themselves the National Assembly without permission of the King.
Tennis Court Oath
Oath between the members of the Third Estate in which they promised to continue to meet until a new constitution was established.
The Royal Session
Louis XVI tried hard to meet demands on Cahiers, but made two fatal mistakes: Ordered the three estates to separate,