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Napoleonic Vision On Europe

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Reorganization of Europe
Westphalia, Berg had not previously existed
Relations with the church
Concordat of 1801 solidified the Roman Catholic church as the majority church of France
Napoleon's treatment of the Jews
Napoleon first encountered Jews in 1797
How Jews were seen
usury - charging High Interest
Types of Jews
citizenship is defined by minorities and their Ability to fit
-July 15th, 1806
Jewish Assembly of Notables
leader David Sinzheim, Grand Rabbi of Strasbourg
Napoleonic civil law for Jews
to trump civil law for Jews, carry over to Palestine -more extensive laws for Jews
Infamous Decree
Peace of Tilsit
France invades Spain
January 23rd, 1809
War on Austria, 1809
Height of Napoleonic Empire - 1810
France has grown ridiculously large - into Italy, through Belgium, to Hamburg, Germany, Illyrian provinces, Grand Duchy of Warsaw
Importance of conscription cont.
Jourdan Law (created by the Directory, run by age cohorts, runs the Empire)
More conflict with Russia (1811)
Napoleon had too much manpower to be logical about how he used It
October 19th - winter in Russia
french army starts moving back to where They came
Spain and Prussia complicate Russian campaign
-1812 - Battle of Salamanca - Arthur Wellesely, Duke of Wellington
-Austria allies with France, unhappily
Austria allies with France and people turn against Napoleon
Austria turns against France
Russia/Prussia get Austria to agree to turn against France is the Russians/Prussians pay for their army
-October 16th-19th 1813
Battle of Leipzig (Battle of Nations)
Treaty of Chaumont
-March 1814 - allies agree on more than defeating Napoleon
Invasion of France
-conscription of 1814 is the maximum push for Napoleon
Fall of Napoleon
-March 31st is also the date of Napoleon's surrender
Return of the Bourbon family
-begins with Louis XVIII (18th)
Frontiers of 1792
some Things annexed by France are kept
-what were Louis XVIII's terms for taking his position?
New regime based on Charter of 1814 under Bourbon family
Flight of the Eagle
-Napoleon returns to France to bring back power - March 1st, 1815 (1 year after he left)
Napoleon arrives in Paris
Napoleon's "Hundred Days" of Rule
-Ney, Wellington (Englishmen)
-June 22nd
Napoleon's 2nd abdication
-comes back, ministers return
2nd Restoration of Louis XVIII
Congress of Vienna
-peace settlement 1814-1815