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Treaty of Paris: the Revolutionary War is Over

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The Americans
Who won the Battle of New Orleans?
1781 battle in Virginia that gave Americans victory in the Revolutionary War
The American Army
Which army had more men during the battle?
epicenter of the enlightenment
What was the Treaty of Paris?
Agreement with England and America to end the war.
How big was American in 1782, when the war ended?
The new American went from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River.
No, it became a colony for Spain.
Was Florida a part of the new country?
Why did the American Army win?
They were fighting on their own land and knew it better than the British.
a formal agreement between two or more countries
To give official approval
to bargain or discuss something so that you can come to an agreement..
growing larger
Treaty of Paris 1783
-The final treaty ending the Revolutionary War that was signed September 3, 1783
Paris, France
Location where the Treaty of Paris 1783 was negotiated.
John Adams, Ben Franklin, John Jay
3 Americans who helped negotiate the Treaty of 1783 for the Americans.
each point of the Treaty of Paris
Congress of the Confederation
One legislative branch in which every state has one vote; Second Continental Congress becomes this after it writes the Articles of Confederation in 1777. Governing body for the Articles of Confederation.
Articles of Confederation
This document was the first form of government for the United States. It set up a confederation and the federal government had very little power. All the power was in the hands of the states.