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Government of the National Assembly

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limited Monarchy under Constitutional control
Aspects under the Constitution of the National Assembly
2 years
How long does it take the National Assembly to create the Constitution?
October 1789:
: March on Versailles
Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI's wife, thought to have said "Let them eat cake"
June 1791
: Louis and Marie are caught trying to escape France (Varennes)
Why did Prussia and Germany declare war?
Fears among the German rulers that France's revolution will spread
Germany and Prussia
Which countries declare war on France
the battle of Valmy
French forces defeat an invading army at _______
Revolutionary George Danton
Who leads the French forces at the battle of Valmy
Jean Paul Marat: Newspaper Publisher
Voice of the Radical forces was ?
Jean Paul Marat
Radical revolutionary leader who published "The Friend of the People" and promoted violence as a way to achieve the aims of the revolution. He was confined to a medicinal bath where he was eventually murdered by Charlotte Corday.
George Danton
Control of the French army falls to _______
Program of Levee en Masse
Raise a 300,000 man army to protect the Revolution
Maximillien Robespierre
Jacobin and radical lawyer who became the leader of the Committee of Public Safety. He was known as the incorruptible for his dedication to the revolution and was the chief architect of the Reign of Terror.
French political club that was represented in the National Assembly. Most popular club during the revolution. Wanted to execute the king, a powerful centralized government.
group is very small.. the middle is usually a tie breaking power. Must align with Jacboins or Girondists to have power
Want to govern and want the government to function.
Changes by Jacobins
Removal of any and all old references to the monarchy
January 1793
Should Louis XVI be executed
gross negligence
Marie goes to trial in the fall for _______
October 1793
Marie is executed
Jacobins hold _______ power
rump ;July 1793 form the 12 member Committee of Public Safety
Reign of Terror:
estimated 17,000-25,000 are executed as enemies of the state
September 1793-July 1794
Reign of Terror:
1614; it had been 175 years
When Estates General is revived, the last time it was called was ?