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National Assembly, Robespierre & the Directory

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National Assembly
renamed from 3rd estate
Because the king had Veto-power
Why didn't things change after the National Assembly was created?
What led to the storming of Bastille?
¼ of Parisian unemployed and bread is stuck at high prices in July 1789, rumor that king is amassing his troops and he is going to come to Paris to remove the national assembly and sack Paris
Storming of the Bastille
seen as the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789
revolt over the nobles governing their territories
What did the storming of Bastille Inspire Peasants to do?
What led to the Great Fear?
In 1798 political crisis and worst famine in memory. There was also a new rumor that the
The Great Fear
Period of confusion and panic at the start of the revolution
Paris in Arms
National Guard of middle class militia under Marquis de Lafayette created in response to royal troops
What moderate reforms did the king do to try to appease the people after the Great Fear?
He ended special privelege (equality of all citizens to law and everyone can now hunt on the land), decreed the end of feudalism, created the Declaration of the Rights of Man
The Declaration of the Rights of Man
Claimed that all people had natural rights - born and remain free and equal in rights; these rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression; freedom of speech and religion, and equal justice; r…
liberty, property, resistance to oppression
Natural Rights during the French Revolution
What was the march on Versailles?
Women march 12 miles from Paris to Versailles demanding food, they invade and kill several guards along the way, tcorner the king and force him to move to Paris and give them food for his storehouse
After the march on Versailles, will the king ever return to Versailles?
What does the National Assembly do immediately after they gain power? What does the king do?
They begin to pass laws/principles and ideals that they will be part of their government but they forget about the war and money loss. The king vetos everything.
French political club that was represented in the National Assembly. Most popular club during the revolution. Wanted to execute the king, a powerful centralized government.
National Convention
becomes the republic government
A French political leader of the 18th century. A Jacobin, a radical leader of the French Revolution. Headed the Committee of Public Safety, responsible for the Reign of Terror, was later executed.
What made the National Assembly turn against the king
Robespierre brings out a secret document showing the king's contempt for the revolution and wish to escape to Austrian court to later restore his monarchy
Reign of Terror
the historic period (1793-94) during the French Revolution when thousands were executed
England, Netherlands, Spain, Austria and Prussia (they wanted the monarchy back)
When the comittee of public safety is created, what countries is France at war with?
Committee of Public Safety
Created by the Convention during the Reign of Terror. Assumed almost dictatorial power of France. Leaders include Danton, Carnot, and Robsepierre (Jacobins).
Did Robespierre believe in the general will as the source of all law like Roussaeu?
What reasons did Robespierre have for his executions?
He could declare you a counter-revolutionary and kill you
Yes, the Patriotic army defeats the united European army
Does the National Assembly save France from the countries seiging it?
How does Robespierre try to erase old France?
new calendar names, new week names, new days names, new month names, new street names, getting rid of things with the king on them
Revolutionary Courts
Run by Robespierre, they are rigged and only have show trials
40,000 humans
During the reign of terror, how many people executed?
Why was the Guillotine in the public square?
so people can watch and show their support for the revolution
What does Robespierre do that finally makes his own government turn against him?
Robespierre brings in document and calls members of the government traitors, during a government meeting. Everyone turns on him and arrests him, tries him for treason, then they guillotine him
A group of 5 men who were given control of France following the Reign of Terror, but no competent enough to lead the war.
What government comes after Robespierre?
the directory (this is 6 years after the king lost power)
How does the directory work out?
Leaders fail to solve problems, financial crisis not solved, famine, revolts over bread and loyalist feeling (people want the king back) mar its reign
Why did the Reign of Terror occur?
Robespierre created it. He thought the use of terror was justified because it helped him succeed in his political goals at an accelerated rate and falsely justified his rise to power. When he becam…
Which social classes in revolutionary France were most affected by the Terror? least affected? Why?
The most effected social classes during the Reign of Terror was those who had once been the upper class and the intellectuals. These classes were the ones persecuted for their beliefs or past "misdeeds."…
What about Robespierre might have appealed to others?
Robespierre's charisma and clear plan probably appealed to others. With his dashing speeches/accusations, he wooed the French government and people. They thought that with him, all their problems would be solved.
How did Robespierre's methods turn against him?
Robespierre's paranoia led to his downfall. Eventually the government officials got tired of his accusing everyone and began to fear for their lives. They decided the revolution would fare better without this "revolutionary" zealot…
Did Robespierre defend the principles of the French Revolution, or did he betray them?
Robespierre betrayed the principles of the French Revolution. He did not solve any of France's problems (he stabilized the economy, but...) and only created more. His original drastic ideas came from a place near…