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Political Culture

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political culture
A given population's underlying set of values and beliefs about politics and system of meaning for interpreting politics.
Political Ideology
A coherent and consistent set of beliefs about who ought to rule, what principles rulers ought to follow, and what policies rulers ought to pursue.
Political Efficacy
A belief that you can take part in politics (internal) or that the government will respond to the citizenry (external).
Internal Efficacy
Confidence in a citizen's own abilities to understand and take part in political affairs.
External Efficacy
A belief that the political system will respond to a citizen's demands.
Political Equality
All citizens have the right to participate in the government, and to choose or remove public officials by voting.
equality of opportunity
a widely shared american ideal that all people should have the freedom to use whatever talents and wealth they have to reach their fullest potential
Civic Duty
A belief that one has an obligation to participate in civic and political affairs
Class Consciousness
A belief that you are a member of an economic group whose interests are opposed to people in other such groups.
A belief that morality and religion ought to be of decisive importance.
A belief that personal freedom and solving social problems are more important than religion.