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Government & the State

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institutions and procedures through which a territory and its people are ruled
public policies
all the things a government decides to do
5 examples of public policy matters
crime, defense, education, health care, and transportation
legislative power
The first first fundamental law of all commonwealth is the establishment of the legislative power as the first fundamental natural law,which is to govern the legislative itself, preserves society and everybody.Everyone has the first p…
executive power
the power that executes the of laws that are made by the legislative power ,and see to it that they remain in force.When one enters a commonwealth he gives up the power to punish c…
judicial power
the power to interpret laws, to determine their meaning, and to settle disputes that arise within society
the body of fundamental laws setting out the principles, structures, and processes of a government
A country government, or the form of goernment in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator
a form of government in which ultimate responsibility for the exercise of power rests with the majority of the people
The organization that maintains a monopoly of force over a given territory; A set of political institutions to generate and execute policy regarding freedom and equality
having supreme power within its own territory; neither subordinate nor responsible to any other authority