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Uncertain Peace, Depression, & the Democratic Stat

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Lost Generation
What group of people in literature was created because of the impact of World War I?
War memorials
What were used frequently to honor the dead?
Burial of an Unknown Soldier
What was adopted with the war memorials?
How was there increased violence after World War I?
The polarization of politics with the rise of fascism and communism as democracies continued to fail.
The cancelling of the Anglo-American Guarantee
Remember, what made France 'abandoned and alone' at the Paris Peace Conference?
What made France 'abandoned and alone' with the League of Nations?
No real way to enforce peace, US never involved, and the sole weapon for halting aggression was economic sanctions.
Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia
What countries were in the Little Entente?
No infrastructure in any sort of way possible.
Why is there a power vacuum in Eastern Europe with the new states?
Who was the head of France during the Ruhr Crisis?
What did the US refuse to cancel for France?
Massively overproduce marks (hyperinflation)
What did Germany do to pay the reparation?
What currency was practically worthless?
Passive resistance
What was Germany's policy with the French Policy of Coercion called?
Treaty of Rapallo
What (from Was) was the Treaty in 1922 that made France keep pooping their pants?
What was stated in the Treaty of Rapallo?
An alliance with Germany (Weimar Republic) and Russia (Soviet Union)
What was stated under the Dawes Plan?
The US reduced reparations and stabilized Germany's payments on the basis of its ability to pay. Also, they gave them a 200 million dollar loan to Germany
Gustav Stresemann
Who was the President of the Weimar Republic that used realpolitik?
What did Stresemann solve and how?
The hyperinflation problem, and they introduced a new set of currency: the Rentenmark
What was in the Locarno Pact?
It guaranteed Germany's new western borders with France and Belgium. If one violates, everyone goes against that one country (collective security)
Soviet Russia
What major country was left out from the Locarno Pact?
War is illegal (no enforcement)
What was announced in the Kellogg-Briand Pact?
What are four causes of the Great Depression?
Failing domestic economies, importance of US bank loans, Stock Market Crash, and the collapse of European banks
do not have a job but looking for a job
What are some Social and Political Repercussions that occurred in the Great Depression?
Women were often able to secure low paying jobs as house cleaners, unemployed men were open to the shrill cries of demagogues, failure of Classical Liberalism, Renewed interests in Communism and Fascism.
What are some examples of failures of the Liberal Party and David Lloyd George?
Loss of markets for industrial products like US and Japan and the decline of staple industries.
Ramsay MacDonald
Who was the first Labour Party prime minister?
Extreme social or economics experimentation
What were two things Ramsay MacDonald rejected in his term?
Stanley Baldwin
Who was the Conservative Prime Minister after MacDonald?
What did Stanley Baldwin do?
Guided Great Britain to an area of renewed prosperity from 1925 to 1929