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Yalta Conference

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The 'State of War'
Germany was almost defeated, The Soviets had completely driven out Germany, and were ready to invade, so was the USA and UK. Japan was under heavy bombardment from USA.
The Allies decided that Germany would be 'Disarmed, Demilitarized, de-Nazified, and devided' b/w the USA, USSR, UK, and France. Germany would pay $20 billion for reparations and 50% of that would go tot he USSR
Re-arranging polish borders proved problematic, as well as deciding on a new government.
Eastern Europe
Stalin Agreed that the EE countries would be allowed to elect their own gov. This was considered a great achievement by USA and UK
Stalin now entered war with Japan, under the conditions that he/ the USSR would gain the South Sakhalin and Ku-rile Islands.
United Nations
An international organization formed after WWII to promote international peace, security, and cooperation.
3 main positive outcomes
4 - 11th February, 1945
When was the Yalta Conference held?
Where is Yalta?
The Crimea, Ukraine
Because Hitler's defeat appeared imminent
Why was the Conference held when it was?
President Roosevelt
Who represented the USA?
Winston Churchill
Who represented the UK?
Josef Stalin
Who represented the USSR?
Why was the conference arranged?
To discuss how Nazi territory (i.e. Poland, Austria) should be divided up, and how Nazis should be punished
What were the main agreements made at Yalta?
Nazi War criminals were to be hunted down and tried
What made the Big Three agree to hunt down Nazi war criminals?
The horrors of Nazi concentration camps that had been uncovered by allied troops
What four zones was Germany divided into?
Britain, France, the USA and the USSR
The Soviet zone
Which zone was Berlin located in?
To help keep peace
Why was the United Nations set up?
The League of Nations
What was the United Nations set up to replace?
Why was Germany forced to pay reparations?
Because the Big Three, along with many other countries, had suffered huge losses in the Second World War, and they wanted to make Germany suffer as they had
How much Germany would have to pay
What aspect of the reparations were not decided at Yalta?
Soviet gains in the Far East
What did Stalin enter the war in Japan in return for?
Once they were freed from German control
When were free elections due to be held in Eastern European countries?
Why did the Big Three disagree about Poland at Yalta?
Because Stalin wanted to move the USSR's border into Poland, but Churchill and Roosevelt disapproved of this.
Because the USSR had already taken control of Poland
Why was there nothing Churchill and Roosevelt could do about Stalin's plans for Poland?
Churchill, although he disagreed with Stalin's plans, too
Who persuaded Roosevelt to let Stalin have his way in Poland?