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Contending Perspectives on the International Polit

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Human Nature (Statism)
Humans are aggressive; conflictual tendencies
Human Nature (Econ Liberalism)
Individuals act in rational ways to maximize their self-interest
Human Nature (Radicalism)
Naturally cooperative as individuals; conflictual in groups
Individual, Society, State, Market (Statism)
Goal is to increase state power, achieved by regulating economic life; economics is subordinate to state interests
Individual, Society, State, Market (Econ Liberalism)
When individuals act rationally, markets are created to produce, distribute, and consume goods; markets function best when free of government interference
Individual, Society, State, Market (Radicalism)
Competition among groups, particularly between owners of wealth and laborers; conflictual and exploitative
Domestic and Int Society (Statism)
International economy conflictual; insecurity of anarchy breeds competition; state defends itself
Domestic and Int Society (Econ Liberalism)
International wealth is maximized with free exchange of goods and services; on the basis of comparative advantage, international economy gains
Domestic and Int Society (Radicalism)
Conflictual relationships because of inherent expansion of capitalism; seeks radical change in international economic system