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Australia & the United Nations

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UN's mission
Maintain international peace & security
UN's predecessor
League of Nations
League of Nations
A collective security organization founded in 1919 after WWI. Ended in 1946 and was replaced by the United Nations.
League of Nations disbanded
Member states
Remain non-members
Vatican & Taiwan
this country has an individualists culture that promotes competition; emphasizing individualism, freedom, capitalism, and personal success to support the value of competition.
Main headquarters
New York
Operations in Bosnia, Rwanda & Somalia
Failed to prevent massacres & even genocide
More than 1,500
Peacekeepers killed since UN's inception
Cold War
A conflict that was between the US and the Soviet Union. The nations never directly confronted each other on the battlefield but deadly threats went on for years.
Increasingly interventionist
Approach taken by UN since end of Cold War
General Assembly
Main forum for debate & only body including representatives from all member countries
Security Council
Main governing body of the UN; it has the authority to identify threats to international peace and security and to prescribe the organization's response including military and/or economic sanctions.
China, France, Russia, UK & US
5 permanent member nations of Security Council
International Court of Justice
15 judges elected by General Assembly & Security Council
Economic sanctions
Can be imposed by the Security Council
Use of force in conflicts
Can be authorised by the Security Council
Peacekeeping operations
Overseen by the Security Council
Undertakes day-to-day work, administering programmes & policies
14 independent agencies
Make up the 'UN system' alongside many of organisation's own programmes & agencies
Promotes child health, education & protection
Work of Secretariat includes...
Research, translation & media relations
UN emerged from devastation of global conflict
UN Charter
Upholds human rights
Doc Evatt.
Australian Foreign Minister who helped write UN charter in 1946.
Name of peace keeping force in East Timor. This ADF led force was very successful in restoring peace.
Pact Treaty between Australia, New Zealand and the US, Signed in 1951, providing for their mutual defense against armed attack in the Pacific region.
Southeast Treaty Organization: Includes USA, UK, France, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand
Colombo plan
This program built factories and infrastructure in Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka (Commonwealth countries).Contributed to by Australia.
a group of 21 Asia-Pacific nations including Australia that have an informal agreement to achieve free trade among its members by 2010 for developed economies and by 2020 for developing economies