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the result of adding tow or more numbers of quantities
surface area
the total area of all the exposed surfaces of a geometric solid
a quadrilateral that has exactly tow parallel sides
a polygon with three sides
a polynomial of three terms
a polygon with eleven sides
unit multiplier
a fraction that has units and has a blue of 1. Unit multipliers are used to change the unites of a number
a letter used to represent a number
in reference to a polygon, a 'corner' of the polygon
Another term for a logical drive.
weighted average
in statistics, the sum of the products of values and their weights, divided by the sum of the weights
whole number
any member of the set
zero exponent
an exponent of zero, which is evaluated as follows; if x is any real number that is not zero, then x0 = 1
a statement that is assumed to be true without proof
power rule for exponents
a rule for exponents: if m, n and x are real numbers and x +? O, then (xm)n = xmn
prime factor
a factor that is a prime number
prime number
a natural number greater than 1 whose only wholes number factor are 1 and the number itself
primitive term
a basic mathematical term that cannot be defined exactly. The term is defined as best as is possible and then used to define other terms
Is tangible a physical object that can be handled and stored before they are sold. ie. Bread, clothing.
product of square roots rule
a rule for evaluating products of radical expressions
product rule of exponents
a rule for exponents
proper fraction
a fraction whose numerator is less than the denominator
an equation or other statement which indicates that two ratios are equal
a four-sided polygon
the number obtained by division
quotient rule for exponents
a rule for exponents
quotient rule for square roots
a rule for square roots: the root of a quotient equals the quotient of the square roots
a group of spreadsheet cells.
range of function
the set of all images of the elements of the domain of a function
rational expression
an algebraic expression that is written in fractional form
rational equation
an equation in which at least one term is a rational expression
rational number
any number that can be written as a quotient of integers
real numbers
numbers that contain decimal points
for any nonzero real number, the number in inverted rom
a parallelogram with four right angles
regular polygon
a polygon in which all sides have the same length and all angels have the same measure
a pairing that matches each element of the domain with one or more images in the range
a parallelogram with four equal sides
right angle
an angle whose measure is 90 degrees
right triangle
a triangle that has one right angle
scalene triangle
a triangle that has no sides of equal length
a planar geometric figure in which every point on the figure is the same distance from a point called the center of the circle
the distance around a circle. Also called the perimeter of the circle.
any factor or any product of factors of a product
commutative property
a property of real numbers that notes that, for any real numbers a and b, a + b = b + a and a . b = b . a
complex fraction
a fraction whose numerator or denominator (or both) contains a fraction
concave polygon
a polygon in which one or more interior angle have a measure greater than 180 degrees
conditional equation
an equation whose truth or falsity depends on the numbers uses to replace the variables in the equation
a statement of two conditions which must both be true in order for the statement to be true
consecutive integers
integers that are 1 unit apart
consistent equations
simultaneous equations that have a single solution. The graphs of consistent equations are lines that intersect at a single point.
a memory location whose content cannot change during program execution
constant of proportionality
a constant in an equation that defines the relationship of two or more variable. For example, in the equation y = 4m2x, the number 4 is the constant of proportionality
convex polygon
a polygon in which all interior angles have a measure less than or equal to 180 degrees
a number that is associated with a point on a graph
coordinate plane
a plane with a coordinate system that can be used to designate the position of any point in the plane
a geometric solid that has six identical square faces
cubic unit
a cube having edges that measure one unit in length
the path traced by a moving point
Business __________ theft involves stealing proprietary business INFORMATION such as research for a new drug or a list of customers that competitors are eager to acquire.
a polygon with ten sides
decimal number
a number designated by a linear arrangement of one or more of the 10 digits and that uses a decimal point to define the place value of the digits
decimal system
the system of numeration that uses decimal numbers
deductive reasoning
the process of reasoning logically from clearly stated premises to a conclusion
a unit of measure for angles. A right angle is a 90 degree angle and a straight angle is a 180 degrees angle
degree of a polynomial
the degree of the nighest-degree term in the polynomial, calculated as follows: the degree of a term in a polynomial is the sum of the exponents in the term. For example, the terms x5,…
the bottom number in a fraction
dependent equations
simultaneous equations whose solution sets are equal. The graphs of dependent equations are single lines.
null set
the set that has no members, denoted by the symbol O/ or the notation ()
an idea that is designated by a numeral
number line
a line divided into units of equal length with one point chosen as the origin, or zero point. The numbers to the right of zero are the positive real numbers, and the numbers to…
a signal symbol or a collection of symbols that is used to express the ides of a particular number
the number or quantity above the fraction bar in a fraction
numerical coefficient
a coefficient that is a number
numerical expression
a meaningfully arrangement of numerals that has a single value
numerical factor
a factor that is a number
obtuse angle
an angle between 90 and 180 degrees
obtuse triangle
a triangle that contains an obtuse interior angle
a polygon with eight sides
odd integer
any member of the set
The action that is taken by the subject over the object is called a(n) __________.
two numbers with the same absolute value but with different signs
order of operations
the ordering which operations are performed on an algebraic expression
ordered pair
a pair of numbers in a designated order that are enclosed in parentheses.
the y coordinate of a point in a rectangular coordinate system
a beginning point. On a number line or coordinate plane, the number zero is associated with the origin
a possible result in a probability problem
overall average
in statistics, the sum of all the numbers divided by the number of numbers
parallel lines
lines in the same plane that do not intersect
a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides
a five-sided polygon
one part in 100
the distance around the outside of a closed, planar geometric figure
perpendicular lines
two lines which intersect at right angles
the ratio of the circumference of a fickle tot eh diameter of that circle
planar geometric figure
any figure that is drawn on a flat surface
a special kind of geometric figure
an algebraic expression with one or more variable having only terms with real number coefficients and whole number powers of the variables
metric unit of measurement
lateral surface area
the total area of the sides of a geometric solid
lead coefficient
of a polynomial, the coefficient of the term with the greatest exponent
least common multiple
the smallest number that can be divided evenly by each of a given set of numbers
the distance between two designated points in a geometric figure
like term
terms that have the same variables in the same form or in equivalent forms so that the terms represent the same number regardless of the nonzero values assigned the variables
in mathematics, a straight curve that has no width and no end
line segment
a part of a line that consists of two endpoints and all points between the endpoints
linear equation
a first-degree polynomial equation in one or more variables
literal coefficient
a coefficient containing only letters
literal factor
a factor that is a letter
in statistics, the sum of a set of numbers divided by the number of numbers in the set
measure of central tendency
in statistics, a value that tells what number is at the center of a set of data
in statistics, the middle number in a set of numbers when they are arranged in order from the least to the greatest. If there is an odd number of numbers in the set, the me…
members of a set
elements of a set
metric unit of measurement
metric unit of measurement
The first number in a subtraction problem
mixed numbers
a number of the form of an integer plus a proper fraction, written without a plus sign
in statistics, the number in a set of numbers that appears more than any other number
a polynomial that has only one term
the operations of combining two numbers or quantities to form a product
multiplicative inverse
for any nonzero real number, the reciprocal of the number. The product of any nonzero real number and its multiplicative inverse is 1.
multivariable equation
an equation that contains more than on variable
natural numbers
the set of numbers that we use to count objects or things
negative exponent
an exponent preceded by a minus sign, defined as follows: If n is any real number and x is any real number that is not zero, then 1/xn = x-n
a nine-sided polygon