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Special locations for temporarily holding data.
An electronic device which can be tested for on or off (1 or 0).
A generalization.
The BInary digiTS are the fundamental data element in a computer.
positional number system
Characterized by the position of a digit. Where a digit is placed within a number
simple additiven number system
Characterized by the value of a character. The characters are added on as the
Non-verbal symbol that imparts information.
Transmission of text based messages without the delivery of a physical document.
Character encoding scheme developed by IBM for its mainframe computers.
autonomous system
Network connected to the Internet
Measure of bit rate - the amount of data (measured in bits) that can be sent in a fixed amount of
cyber security
Defense against another person or entity disrupting your use of the Internet
domain name system
Translates names to IP addresses
Internet Protocol (IP) address
unique set of digits assigned to each network on the Internet.
Measure of time, such as the time to send a packet from one point in the system to another