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Local Area Network (LAN)
Arrangement of many computers connected via wires, called Ethernet cables, or via
Wide Area Network (WAN)
Interconnected networks across the globe
Creates an executable program
Object contains both the properties of the object and the interactions to access those properties
A blueprint for an object
complexity theory
The notion of classifying problems based on how difficult they are to solve
computationally unsolvable problems
The group of problems that a computer cannot solve merely by calculating
methods and properties
Encapsulated data allows the program to interact with the object
Problems that are hard to solve and have slow and inefficient solutions
An instance of a class
object orientation
The practice of declaring classes and making instances of them known as objects. These
Software Development Life Cycle
Management model for continuous improvement of a software package.
Problems that are easy to solve and have relatively efficient solutions
Repeating steps
Allows the computer to test data and perform different operations based on data value