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Grouping Element
Notes to yourself and other programmers
Names programmers choose to label classes, variables (data), and methods (executable code).
Generates by the Enter key
top level design
very little detail
white space characters
Space, tab, and newline
Act of working together in a team to solve problems
crowd sourcing
Soliciting answers from a large number of people to find the best solution.
social intelligence
The measure of a person's ability to understand other people and to conduct themselves
collective intelligence
The measure of the intellectual ability of a group of people. In most cases the collective
garbage collector
part of the Java Virtual Machine that releases memory allocated to objects that no longer
This action sets aside memory for the object and assigns initial values to the object data.
these functions are different methods with the same name but with different argument lists and the
Classes in the Java Class Library are grouped in these
appears to be random, but is mathematically calculated.