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a method is called when an object is instantiated using the new keyword
is used by value-returning methods to send back their value.
accessor methods
retrieve data values.
mutator methods
retrieve data values.
illegal operations that cause a disruption in the normal flow of an application.
unchecked exceptions
subclasses of Error or RuntimeException.
checked exceptions
are not subclasses of Error or RuntimeException.
a method for handling possible exceptions before they are thrown
computer virus
damaging software that is able to replicate itself.
any crime perpetrated through use of the Internet or another computer network.
data structures
organized collections of values such as arrays and sorting algorithms
swapping algorithm
exchanges the values of two variables
bits, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte.
Order of bytes from least to greatest
Auxiliary Storage Devices
ex: network drive, hard drive, flash drive, google drive.
operating system software
Programs that make the computer work. ex: Windows 8, vista, GUI, Linux.