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Application Software
ex: Word, Excel, Photoshop, WordPerfect...
Boot Process
starting up a computer from a halted or powered down condition.
Work with Java Arrays
Chapter 6 Objective 1
Are there standard Java arrays built into the Java language?
Yes, there standard Java arrays are built into the
What can standard Java arrays store?
Standard Java arrays can store both objects and primitives.
What do ArrayLists store?
Objects and reference types
How many dimensions can standard Java arrays have?
Standard Java arrays can have one or many dimensions.
Standard Java arrays are objects and must
What are standard Java arrays and when must they be initialized?
How do you declare standard arrays?
Standard Java arrays can be declared with square brackets after the type
How do you initialize arrays?
Standard Java arrays can be initialized with the new operator and their size in
How do you initialize arrays with values?
Standard Java arrays can be initialized by placing the values that
Can standard Java arrays be multi-dimensional?
Yes, standard Java arrays can be multi-dimensional; each set of
A three dimensional array
.....How would a three dimensional array be declared as? (How would it look like?)
What is the ArrayList class a representation of?
The ArrayList class is an object-orientated representation
java.util package
What package is the ArrayList part of?