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It will automaticallly resize
If the ArrayList object capacity is exceeded what will it automatically do?
automatically move the other elements"
What will automatically happen if you add elements at any index in the ArrayList object?
In most cases, the ArrayList is the preferred
What is the perferred method of storing data in an array?
Brain of the computer that performs
method of storing data in an array.Central Processing Unit (CPU)
use mainly for writing documents
used mainly for formulas and organizing data
used for presentations
Touch Screen
Used on phones and tablet PCs as well as applications such
Barcode Scanner
A laser scans the barcode on a product to detect the width of the black and white stripes. The
OMR(Optical Mark Recognition)
Optical Mark Recognition is used for things like multiple choice tests, evaluation
OCR(Optical Character Recognition)
Similar to OMR but this is Optical Character Recognition. The software
Joystick (Game Controller)
Although you probably think of a game controller, joysticks do have other uses.
used to input sound that can either be recorded in a file or
These measure temperature, light levels, pressure, humidity and