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Specialised keyboards
There are many variations on the keyboard
Foot-operated mouse
This works in the same way as a normal mouse,
A camera can be used as a web-cam so you can see the person you are phoning over the internet but it can
Sip and Puff switches
These are activated by the user's breath. A "puff" into the device might be the equivalent
Operating System
A set of programs that controls the hardware and lets users and applications work with the
User Interface
A way that allows the user to control and interact with the computer, by allowing the user to give
Command Line Interface
A user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or
Shell Script
A pseudo-program stringing together multiple shell commands.
Graphical User Interface
Uses images, known as icons, to represent resources, files, programs, and actions.
Memory Management
Operating systems have to decide what goes where in memory, they have to make sure that
the name given to a program when it is being executed.
Virtual Memory
A secondary storage option to hold parts of a program that are not currently needed. It is slower
A named store of data on a secondary storage medium.
Peripheral Management
The management of computer hardware components, including the maintaining of software and
Secondary storage is divided into segments, files are often larger than the size of a segment so