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Secondary storage is divided into segments, files will often be larger than a segment, so are
Each block contains information about the next block, so the operating system can follow them and
After a while, access to files starts to slow, a process can be used to tidy up the disk or other
Device Drivers
Small programs stored on the hard drive that tell the computer how to communicate with a specific
Multiple processes that happen at the same time on the system.
interweaves execution of more than one program. the operating system shifts its attention
Allocates time to multiple processes on a single processor.
Scheduler Policies
Shortest jobs first.
A logical grouping files, in windows systems they are called folders.
File Extensions
Parts of the file name that indicate what type of file it is.
File Extension Examples
doc: Word Document
Files are transformed in a form that an unauthorized person cannot understand them.
Extra information given to a file so the user can see more about it.
Attribute Examples
Who created the file
The rights assigned to users and groups.