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Privileges Examples
Read Only.
Text Editors
A program for editing text files on a computer. Allow text to be created, saved, read, and
Object Code
Actual code run by the computer (in ones and zeroes).
A highly specialized piece of software that takes a programming language understandable by humans
Software tools that help make maintaining the system much easier. Most operating systems come
Antivirus Utilities
Detect and remove viruses.
Spyware Protection
Checks and removes programs that record the websites you visit and passwords you use.
Disk Organisation Utilities
Formatting: Prepares new media for receiving data.
System Maintenance Utilities
Help to clear away redundant files, update registry entries and check for missing
System Information / Diagnosis Utilities
Such as Windows and Scandisk, check for problems on secondary
System Cleanup Tools
Such as Ccleaner, search for unused files and clear them out. They can also be used to
Automatic Updating Utilities
Check online for updates at intervals.
Disk Formatting
Prepares new media for receiving data.
Custom Written Software
Software that is specifically commissioned for a particular customer.
Custom Written Software Advantages
It will have the specific required features.